Saturday, April 21, 2018

Patricia's Journey

A Celebration of Life (Updated) A Celebration of Life (Updated)

(UPDATED August 31 to include video of the memorial service.) Patricia lived live fully and embraced it completely. She inspired us, loved us, and moved us to our highest and best. We celebrated her and her life with a memorial service on Tuesday, August 31. Watch the celebration of Patricia’s... [read more]

Aloha, Patricia Aloha, Patricia

Our dear friend Patricia made her transition Thursday evening, August 26. She was surrounded with love and light. Her son, Alexander, and other members of her family were there with her. Their love, their touch, and their prayers guided her as she moved onward from this plane of existence. She travels... [read more]

An update on (and from) Patricia

This is Steve, Patricia’s web person. I’m posting an update from Rev. Sky St. John and Lisa Ensley, who have been with Patricia over many of the past 48 hours. It is based on her own words and thoughts, and it includes a brief message directly from her. We hold her light, love, and presence... [read more]

The Chronicles of Ascites

It is obvious I have reached a place where I haven’t enjoyed writing about what is happening.  Not sure why.  One voice says it is important to keep the blog up to date at least weekly for my angel friends who are praying and watching over me and another voice says “if you don’t feel... [read more]

How to scrub a heart

All of our experiences are good, even if we seem to fall into a black hole. For me, these experiences drive me further into this work and keep me motivated to heal my mind. Don’t resist any of it. To resist is to say it should not be happening. But nothing is wrong. The world gives us everything... [read more]

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Faces of God

Tueller Family Tueller Family

Call it a clan, call it a network, call it a tribe, call it a family. Whatever you call it, whoever you are, you need one. ~Jane Howard Every now and then, you are blessed to meet a family so... [more]

Jim, Lisa, Melissa & Steve Jim, Lisa, Melissa & Steve

When I came to Hawaii for continued healing and restoration, I had no idea the healing would include learning how to receive. Jim, Lisa, Melissa and Steve, because of their selfless giving during... [more]

Chimwemwe Chimwemwe

We opened our hearts to Chimwemwe Piyasi in August 2009. She is a child at the Transhaven Schools Projects in the Zomba District of Malawi, Africa attending Transhaven Chilunga Primary School... [more]

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Laurie Tueller (Laie, HI)

Good Morning to my favorite, gorgeous, bald woman! I found... [more]

Debbie Mitchell (Quincy, IL)

Wow!  that is my favorite song in the world!!!  Thank... [more]

Dr. Christine Zorad (Omaha, NE)

Hi Patricia! I am so very glad you are doing well and wanted... [more]

Laurie Tueller (Laie, HI)

Patricia, I took a minute to read your blog and I wanted... [more]

Jan’s Butterflies of Transformation Jan’s Butterflies of Transformation

Hi Love! I was uploading some pictures this weekend and... [more]

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