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A First Class Dream Come True

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Boulder, Colorado was the location for the October 3 Hendricks Foundation seminar training in which I participated.  Fall in Colorado! Alexander had a long break from school and traveled with me. My dear friend Nickie was in the Apprentice training program with the Hendricks Institute and would be in the seminar as part of her training.  The three of us were traveling together.

On our return trip home, we were at the airport in Denver to depart for Honolulu.  It was announced that the flight was overbooked.  Passengers willing to give up their seats would be on the next flight out in 2.5 hours, seated in First Class, with a travel voucher for a round trip ticket within the 48 states.  My heart jumped with joy!  This seemed an opportunity to experience ease and grace and resources in making our trip back to the states for Christmas.  We put our names on the waiting list.  As boarding began, Nickie overheard that they could not find three seats on the next flight…only two.  I wasn’t willing to split up our travel group.  As we were preparing to give up our boarding passes to embark the plane, I froze.  I really wanted those travel vouchers.  And Alexander has always dreamed of flying First Class.  A decision needed to be made split second.

We all boarded together.  I was first, then Alexander and Nickie followed.  The next time I turned around, it was Nickie who was directly behind me and following me to my seat in business economy.

“What are you doing back here?”, I asked.  She always sits in First Class. “I’m helping you lift the carry on into the overhead compartment.”  The frozen shoulder had severely limited my arm movement.  After placing the bag overhead, she told me to go ahead and sit down.  I turned to give her a hug goodbye and look for Alexander, but he was no where in sight.  ”Where’s Alexander?”, I asked.  “He’s in First Class in my seat.  One should always have their dream come true.  I’m sitting with you.”   She had given up her First Class seat to Alexander.  He was having a dream come true.  Now that is Being love.  Love in action.

We settled in and shared trail mix and apples while Alexander dined on chicken curry and veggies and snacks and whatever else his heart desired.

Sometimes, It is so easy to make a dream come true.



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