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Energetic Healing

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Charlene Ryan

Charlene Ryan is a gifted Shamanic Practitioner.  She is featured in my blog titled “Releasing”.  For a couple of days, my face kept coming to her and she knew she had to write to me.  We just completed a session of shamanic energetics.  Shamanic energetics can restore and revitalize your body, mind and soul. It works on an energetic and spiritual level, relieving concerns that often do not respond to traditional treatments.

Following is a brief description copied from Charlene’s website:

I am an experienced Intuitive (Psychic) and use multi-sensory perceptions to focus on hidden patterns, and life issues that limit living to one’s full potential. I act as a messenger using inner guidance to heal and empower others. I transmit what I see, hear, and understand with sensitivity, power, and precision. This allows you to make better decisions, set and maintain healthy boundaries, reduce stress, and increase confidence.

Yesterday, Charlene asked me to prepare for our time by creating five intentions centered around things I wanted to change and/or heal in my life.  These intentions would become the focus of our session, although I wouldn’t share them with Charlene. While I didn’t have an expectation going into the session,  I know after each time I work with Charlene I grow leaps and bounds.

Our collective intention was to hold my focused intentions in our minds and allow a larger power (God source, Universe, Infinite Intelligence, etc.) to manifest through this intent.  She  doesn’t do any healing.  She doesn’t make the intentions manifest. Charlene gets out of the way and holds the space for this larger power, what I call God, to do the work.  She allows your guides, angels, spirits to do the work.  What can’t be seen is that she holds the energetic space.

Intention is extremely powerful.  Intention matters.  We’ve been taught the opposite.  In our lives, most of us went along to get along.  When I look back on my life,  I didn’t know what I had intended, except that it looked like I had an intention to kill myself through cancer. The solid, conscious intention I reaffirmed this June was that I choose life.  Anything unlike my conscious intention can now come forth to be healed.  And boy has it!

After we finished, I noticed I felt assured and refreshed, and my body feels cleaner and lighter.  Throughout the process, as Charlene described the energetic work that was taking place, all five areas of my intentions were addressed without me speaking them. The old paradigms that were holding energy in place that wouldn’t allow those intentions to manifest were collapsed creating a new paradigm shift.

We are all learning that we are more than Patricia or Charlene or Joe.  I have been believing for so long I’m Patricia, but I’m not. I’m  much more.  I look back on my life and see the experience Patricia has had, and know there is so much more than having a Patricia experience or a Joe experience. It’s so easy to believe this is all real.  Before I leave this lifetime, my intention is to fully awaken to who I really am.  And who I really am is pure Love.  Energy workers like Charlene and Dr. Sandy support me in doing so.

I have worked with Dr. Sandy Earl for the past year, intensely since June, and she has become a trusted friend.  She is a channeler of the energetic support that is available to us in God’s kingdom.

Dr. Sandy Earl

You can receive the benefits of any energy work or shamanic healings no matter where you live. Distant and in-person energy work is equally effective, because healing is performed in the spirit realm.  Charlene lives in Washington state and Dr. Sandy lives in Atlanta, Georgia.  I would not be where I am without their expertise, their gifts and their compassion.  This was not a paid announcement :)  It was a thank you from a deeply grateful heart.

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