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Masterful You

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You came here to remember and reclaim your own mastery. You cannot redeem yourself, and return to a state of grace (the frequency band just above the fear that creates duality) without transforming the experiences themselves which have plunged you into the lower vibrations of fear. This is part of the purpose for which you decided to come to into the Earth plane. Not only did you come to bring the higher light codings back into the genetics of the human race, you came here as a veiled master, in order to evolve the planetary consciousness. The preciseness with which you orchestrate that each day is phenomenal!

So even when you are in those dark and scary moments of the journey trust me, one day when you are no longer in body you will reflect back and see them as carefully set jewels in your crown of compassion. And you’ll laugh once the veils of time fall away revealing that each situation unfolded in perfect divine synchronization. And you’ll cry when you discover how beautiful the ultimate plan of love and joy really was.

You don’t have any doubt, do you, that the best is yet to come?

~Rev. Angela Peregoff, The Morning Blessings


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  1. pazyfe says:

    Thank you I really needed these words of wisdom, I was just diagnosed with Breast Cancer and my emotions are tossing me back and forth, so I needed a spirit-filled wave to cleanse my thoughts and lift me up. I needed to be reminded that God has “perfect synchronization.” He is the choreographer, creator, director and producer, he knows what He is doing. So many times I have looked back and seen His purpose and reason, in my life, I must also look at this and know He is in control. As I started to read the word aggressive in my pathology report, God allowed me to use this same adjective to describe who He is. He is aggressive in my life He is present and WILL be present, He is the Healer, his love must be aggressive in my life, ready to consume everything in its path. Blessed be the name of the Lord.

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