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One down, ? to go

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Waiting my turn

Waiting my turn

Chemotherapy round #1. Patricia has entered the ring. And I’m not here to get knocked out. I’m here for victory.

My friend Lisa, who lives in my building, is driving with me to Kaiser for treatment. What a devoted, dependable friend and caregiver she has turned out to be.

We stopped at Target first. Hey, a girl has to do whatever she needs to do to feel good and Target makes me feel good! After we left Target, I drove in the wrong direction and ended up 40 minutes later at the hospital that was only 5 minutes away. We were still early. After checking in at 1:15 for my 1:30 pm appointment, Lisa and I sat in the waiting room. At 2:05 pm, Lisa said “maybe you should go stir someone up back there!” In checking further, the office person had forgotten to put my name in the computer to be called in for lab work prior to chemo. In my spiritual circle, we would say I had some resistance to being at Kaiser for treatment! The energy was certainly blocking my way to being there.

The treatment room is off limits to visitors. People can come in and out for brief periods, but they don’t allow visitors to sit with you. This is very different from Omaha, where the treatment room seemed ten times the size of this one and visitors were encouraged to stay. Lisa and I prayed, and I silently affirmed my intentions for this treatment. As soon as the treatment began, the anxiety that had been with me for the prior week melted away. In an instant as the drug entered by body, the anxiety departed. The anticipation had been worse than the actual experience.  It had begun, and I am going to be okay.

Lisa brought chocolate and coffee, a real splurge for me. Caffeine and sugar. Felt a little naughty not drinking green tea and eating pumpkin seeds. Kicks can be simple. After about thirty minutes, it felt like I had drank a glass of wine…a woozy feeling. Other than that, it was uneventful.

Even though I go to the bathroom prior to treatment, it never fails I must go within the first hour…and the second hour, dragging the IV pole with me. They don’t make them adjustable like a microphone stand. At 5’2″, it towers over me as I convince it to go right when the wheels want to go left. A little WD40 would have made the trip a lot easier.

Because of our late start, we finish about 5:00 pm and drive home where Alexander is waiting. Dinner has already been delivered. Room service. I like this!

We go to bed about 10:30 pm and I am up at 3:30 am from the steroids they administer with the chemo. After having so little energy for so many months, it’s kind of fun to feel perky again. I’ll take perky however it comes right now.

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