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Ready or not…

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Steve Okino

Steve Okino

The website is ready. Am I? It feels scary and vulnerable to be so open. And exactly what is required.

My Chief and Only Technical Officer for my website is Steve Okino. He has blended talent, creativity, expertise, wisdom, knowledge and experience to capture my desires and bring them to fruition. He is patient, steadfast, kind, dependable and reliable. In prayer, God directed me to Steve for this creation. Of course, God is always right on. This is my opportunity to thank him publicly and express deep gratitude for the blessing he is in my life.

We are picking up my Mom today at the airport. She put aside her fear of crossing the ocean in an aircraft to be with me. When I pick her up, I am going to pretend I don’t know who she is and we are meeting for the first time. In reality, I don’t know who she really is outside of being my mother. In this space the possibility for adventure, discovery, healing and joy are available to us.

Time to prepare to leave. I need to comb my hair out…literally. :)


3 Responses to “Ready or not…”
  1. Debbie in AZ says:

    Dearest Friend….what a wonderful concept, to be meeting your mom for the “first time”. No tainted past, only a hopeful future filled with all the joy you and she create as of now. I like that idea…might just try it myself!!! HATE HATE HATE that once again you are going through the hair loss …sometime we will have to talk about the story of Job…trials and sorrows can bring better tomorrows. Love you Bunches!!

  2. Hi Dear One,
    I’m thinking of you and your mom, and knowing you’re having a wonderful time sharing one another’s company and the beauty of the islands. I love, love, love this site–the warmth and love it holds, the Spirit behind and within it, the gorgeous pictures, and your wonderful Presence. Be well, and know that I love you. Carol

    • Patricia says:

      Carol Angel, we will still write our book. There is simply more story to be told. You are the one who can infuse the story with Divine Light and Love.
      You have the head and the heart to bring this message to print. Nothing has changed about our Divine collaboration! I love you.

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