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The Miracle Woman

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When I brought in the Honolulu Advertiser this morning, I was wondering why I still get the paper.  The content that is of interest to me is quite slim, however, it is a ritual I enjoy. And every now and then there is an article that speaks to me.  On this particular morning, the front page news story was the article about the Miracle Woman and Father Damien.  I chuckled at God for answering my wondering about why I still get the paper.

She lives here on the island and was cured of an aggressive cancer by praying daily to Father Damian. At one point in her journey, she refused treatment because she knew she would be healed.

One of the many things I have been sitting with and asking for clarity about is healing. For two years, I have worked with what is called complimentary care in addition to allopathic care.  It includes all types of “energy work”. The following excerpt is from Dr. Sandra Earl, a chiropractor and energy worker:

The human body is made up of organs and system that stay in a very narrow range of chemical balance. Through Kinesiology, the feed-back system of the body used by testing the strength of a muscle, the body is able to “tell” you what is happening under the surface without expensive, invasive tests. The psychological industry has proven that imbalances in the emotional centers lead to chemical imbalances in the body.

To treat the body separately from the emotional aspect of us is old school. Recovery is not guaranteed. You may spend thousands of dollars and never truly get well. By treating the emotional issues storing in the body, recovery from health problems like chronic pain syndromes, headaches, fatigue and low energy, as well as focus and consentration problems is fast, fun, and long lasting.

Many reasons may be associated with why you don’t feel well. It may be emotional, physical and partly to do with how much stress is in your daily life.  It is important to review all the stressors to the body because they all may relate to your present health. The body is more than the sum of its parts. It is also very good at hiding imbalances by one system or organ working harder to help support another that is under function. No worries. By working with the feedback system of the body through muscle strength testing, your doctor is able to find imbalances when they are small and correct them before they become a major problem.

If “energy” work is a component of healing, and I believe it is, then what about people that can’t/won’t/don’t do energy work for any number of reasons? What about people that want to be well and can’t afford energy work? What about people that didn’t incarnate to understand alternative care and energy work?  What about people that believe solely in the power of prayer?

My Divine Guidance said that people who pray every day (really pray) have energy fields as healed and clean and pure as people who employ other energy healing modalities. Wow. That spoke to me. Prayer is the highest form of energy work.

It closed some gaps I had on the power of prayer. It completed understanding I have been having on the incredible power that is available to each of us on the other side with God’s legions of angels. And it is in the asking. And it is in the believing it is our Divine right. The article simply showed me the possibility of the power of prayer.

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