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Rev. Sky St. John

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On his business card is the title of Senior Minister, Unity Church of Hawaii.  Other past professions that are omitted are public school teacher, successful entertainer, registered nurse, business owner and Unity Village staff member to name a few.  That’s what he does.  Who he is can best be described as The Law of Love in action. In his presence, you are loved unconditionally. You experience that there is nothing right/wrong, good/bad.  You are simply God’s Love in human form.  He rings true to love in any situation.

sky-handSky and I met in 1996. This being strolled into Omaha, Nebraska and set the Unity movement in full swing.  People thrive in his presence.  People sky-shellheal and are freed in his presence.  People feel love in his presence.  He has blessed my life beyond belief in the multitude of ways he demonstrates unconditional love and true giving.  He gives you what you need…not what he wants you to have or what he doesn’t need himself, but what you need.  The Buddhists say this is true giving. He opened up his heart to Alexander and me, giving us a place to live and a car to drive and more love than many people ever have the privilege to experience in a friendship.

In the movie “Australia”, which starred Nicole Kidman and Hugh Jackman, there is an unforgettable line where a child tells his caregiver how she will find him when they are separated.  ”I will sing you to me”, he told her.  When people ask “Why Hawaii?  Why did you choose to come here?”  My earnest response is that God chose Hawaii and Sky sung me here.

Everything I do is God presenting Itself as me. –Unknown

Faces of God is devoted to the people in my life who are best described as “God with skin on”. They continuously demonstrate to me the Divine aspects of faith, hope and love. They are angel beings with whom I am blessed to share this journey.

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