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Your Tribe

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Your tribe is comprised of the people who feel just right for you, when you are your authentic Self, regardless of their background, age, or other external characteristics. You will recognize them by the way you feel in their presence – your energy is expanded, you feel relaxed and joyfully stimulated, understood, accepted, appreciated and it feels completely natural and effortless. You don’t have to hide parts of yourself, try to please them, or work to “fit in” – it’s as if you come from the same place and speak the same language (and you do!).

When you’re connected to your tribe it’s like putting on a shoe that fits perfectly – there’s no struggle involved.  The benefits of belonging have far-reaching, positive effects that support your personal evolution. It’s much easier to grow in an atmosphere of love and support with people who accept you completely as you are and truly recognize your magnificence!

With all the changes occurring in our world right now, community is more important than ever. We need to know that we belong and that we’re in this together. We need one another to create pockets of inspiration, love, positive energy, vision, support, and comfort where we can share our gifts, strengths and talents to create in greater ways than we ever could have alone. If you’ve found your tribe then you know the comfort I’m talking about and if you haven’t yet, be open and creative in your search.

~Excerpt from Lisa Zimmerman, an Intuitive Astrologer, Interfaith Minister, Spiritual Counselor, Neurofeedback Provider and an Event Producer who lives in NYC.

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