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Carrie Duffy (Omaha, NE)

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I am so inspired by your attitude and strong sense of faith. You are truly a great blessing in my life and I especially thank you for your candor.

Your e-mail came at a time that was certainly no mistake as we both know, God makes no mistakes. But, I find it quite fascinating how events unfold in a sequence that is sometimes hard to understand. Danny lost a good friend this week……a beautiful 13 year old boy that chose to take his own life. It seems like such a contradiction to the people I know that thank God for every waking hour. This was certainly the act of an impulsive teenager that felt a deep sense of hopelessness that by all accounts was not customary for this boy. There is something good to come out of this – that I believe – but God has not yet revealed to us what that is.

Patricia, logistics and geographic challenges limit the physical assistance that I can provide. But as a friend that loves you deeply, please know that you can count on me for the following:

  • Lots of good energy being sent your direction
  • Faith that you will always be surrounded by love as that is truly a mirror of the person you are
  • Frequent prayers to a caring God to hold you in the palm of his hand
  • Great videos and messages like the one attached to this e-mail

Love & peace,

Carrie (r) with daughter Mary

Carrie (r) with daughter Mary

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