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Debbie Mitchell (Quincy, IL)

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Hi Sunshine,

Funny Girl Debbie

Funny Girl Debbie

Just got on your website and saw that you are losing your hair again. I don’t know who said it but I agree and have always said even the first time you went through this that you look beautiful inside and outside no matter what. Even when I had the honor of giving you your massages when Pamela was gone I would marvel at your beauty when the wig was off and you were completely vulnerable to me for maybe the first time ever. I couldn’t have loved you more at that time. I saw your light and love glowing all around you and felt so much better myself as I was trying to give you some of my healing energy as I massaged you. That was one of the greatest gifts you ever gave me, the opportunity to really feel what it was like to totally give of myself to another. I do hope it helped you in some small way too since it seems like the one giving got all in return. I love you much and yes, one day I will be walking on that beach beside you, and we will be laughing and singing our way down the beach.


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