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Donna Hennessey (Omaha, NE)

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Patty, I read your story, I didnt know any of the details, I just remember that you had told me once that you had cancer.. What an inspiring story you have to tell… I know when I heard the words that I had breast cancer, it knocked the wind out of me, and I did a lot of soul searching. I remember before my mastectomy I was so scared. I wouldnt let any of the kids tell me their problems during this period, what I got from the metaphysical cause was the “over mothering” and I told them they could figure things out for themselves right now I needed to take care of me. I listened to every spiritual master that had a message for me,I meditated more, I didnt watch tv, I was in a very positive place by the time the surgery day came about 4 weeks later. After the mastectomy I had to have a hysterectomy as part of my treatment, then reconstruction. Then I thought after it was all over, wow I felt so good living in a positive mind frame like this I should do it all the time.

Donna Hennessey, Omaha

Donna Hennessey, Omaha

Of course I havent lived like that full time, life pulls us back in, but I am not the same person a lot has changed for me. I dont believe its my place to tell anyone else how to live, even my kids, they are on their own path. I do get ask to do readings still, but I just think of them as sort of coaching for people. I tell you all of this so that we can share our experiences, know that I love you dearly, you come to my thoughts quite often, and I send out love and prayers. Hang in there sister, I think you have a lot more of life to experience, you arent finished with this incarnation yet.

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