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Jackie and Greg Hinton (TX)

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Dearest Patricia,

Ah, once again here you go. I sincerely admire your perseverance and sure knowledge that you will again heal. I’m sorry that you must dig deep once again. Still, as you know, that healing will come. The way you meet challenges is so very admirable.

My dearest cousin just went through chemo. She was diagnosed with a cancer that “they” said could never be healed but it was possible to obtain remission. She went into the process much as you did – confident intentions, head high, doing all she could to continue life as a well person. She obtained that remission and is now back to teaching the music she loves to elementary children.

While she was healing, we studied the story of Sadako Sasaki and the Japanese belief that , if you fold one thousand paper cranes, you will be healed. Unfortunately, Sadako never got to one thousand before the leukemia from the bomb falling on Hiroshima overtook her. She is a Japanese legend now. So, we (it takes many people to fold so many) set about folding the thousand paper cranes – each one folded held the intention that Betty would be well at the end of chemo therapy. I folded the last one and sent it to Betty for her birthday in July. She learned about her remission in August.

If you will send your address, I will fold some cranes for you with the intention of healing in each one so you can feel the energy in those lovely creatures and know loving thoughts are being sent your way. If this strikes your fancy, perhaps you can find others to fold also.

With the greatest love and intentions for your healing,
Jackie and Greg

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