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Jan E. Johnson (Gering, NE)

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jan-johnsonMy dear Patty!

There really are no words to describe the courage and perseverance you continue to demonstrate, as your connection with God deepens on soaring levels. How I wish that I was there to assist you on the physical level in addition to the spiritual level. I am pleased to hear that you have people to surround you with support and the womb of the beach and sun to bathe you. Your gift for writing just blows me out of the water and knocks off my socks! Speaking of which, I am taking a knitting sock class–4 double pointed needles working at the same time—a stretching challenge for me and trying not to poke my eyes out since I have to take off my glasses to see (I am legally blind without correction). I remember sitting at Pamela’s two years ago teaching you how to knit.

Please use all your energy to care for you. I will be dropping you notes but don’t expect responses!!

Love, prayers, and healing. All my love to you my friend of so many years, Jan

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