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Janine Galligani (Pacifica, CA)

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WOW Patricia,  I have just perused your site.  You are so powerful and it is
so easy to “listen” to what you have to say.  I am somewhat dumbfounded and
sad that you are trekking up the mountain once again.  I cannot stay in that
place of mind because of the way in which YOU are taking on this part of your
journey.  YOU are such an inspiration!!

I will never forget watching you in the Landmark Forum, in front of 80+
people, distinguishing for all of us, CHOICE vs DECISION.  Most of those
participants did not yet know the battle for life you have so graciously been
participating in.  I only knew because we had had dinner and a few chats
together.  You were the perfect person for that distinction.  You are
constantly choosing, choosing, choosing, choosing LIFE. In the most literal
sense.   I am so happy to have met you and hope our paths will cross again
Sincerely and with thoughts of fun and peace(two of my possibilities)
Janine Galligani (Pacifica, CA)


2 Responses to “Janine Galligani (Pacifica, CA)”
  1. Unknown Stranger "D" says:

    You have such an enormous heart, and are so easy to be non critical of the hand you have been dealt. You may not know me but I’m very aware of you. The other night my wife came home and was so inspired by you and how you have dealt with what would be so significant to others but yet you make it seem so minuscule in your life. I can only hope that we may have the opportunity to spend a few very precious moments in your presents to acquire just some of you exquisite knowledge as to how really important life is and to be able to share it with others without judgment.

    • Patricia says:

      Your message fills my heart…you affirm that my life’s journey can be a witness and inspiration to others. It is a Divine mission to be sure
      and Souls like you encourage me to stay the course. Thank you for taking the time to write. It means so much.

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