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Margie Hyatt (Honolulu, HI)

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margie-speakingHere’s what I am knowing for you:

That this journey you are making, although there are so many unknowns — new doctor, new treatment, different living situation, all of it, that whole list you mentioned — stands on the foundation of your being in a wholly different place than you were two years ago. You are stronger, wiser, more grounded as you head into this coming week and beyond.

And rather than these new and different circumstances holding only the unknown, they also form the strength through which you will meet the unknown. I am believing with you that this doctor, this treatment will be different…and better. This new living arrangement during treatment is different…and better. You are surrounded by people who love and cherish you; who, whether we are new to supporting or experienced, want to give you as much compassionate care as you can stand; and who are ready to be there with you, heart to heart, in the journey.

New, different and unknown. Or… New, different and strengthened by your own self and those who love you.

One of my favorite chants goes like this: “I will hold your vision and be believing eyes.”

I see you in your complete holy wholeness.

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