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Pamela Winters Smith (Omaha, NE)

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pamela-smithGood Morning Love,

I am thinking of you and the courage you are finding within yourself today in beginning the chemotherapy treatments. I see you radiating Divine essence and the Light of Source brightly in all aspects of your Being.

Call upon Divine Source, your Divine Self and your Soul to accompany you on this journey. Be present to your relationship with these incredible, beautiful aspects of yourself. I am reminded of the words shared by Neale Donald Walsh “I Am The Grandest Version, Of The Greatest Vision Ever Held About Who I Am”.

As you experience your treatments, remember that everything holds a spark of Divine essence. Invite the Divine essence of the chemo and all other substances that enter your body to illuminate their lights brightly. Ask them to bathe your cells, organs and all other parts of your body in their love and light. Ask them to merge their light with all that needs support in remembering its essence. Ask them to eliminate all other aspects of the substance through Divine Grace and in perfect ways.

I invite you to be present to this experience. Spend this time loving all aspects of yourself. See your breast, liver and spine in their whole and perfect health. Love them deeply! Learn to see your body smiling and joyful.

You are a beautiful human Being! Thank you for the gifts you give to this world. Your love, courage, vulnerability, faith and commitment to authenticity are a beautiful demonstration to all.

Through the ethers, I will fly to you today to be with the angel, masters and guides that are loving and supporting you.

From my physical form, I send you a hug. I see you being nurtured and comforted fully.

I love you!!!

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