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“a dramatic response to treatment”

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That’s what the CAT scan report states describing the changes in the lesions on the liver: “These likely represent a dramatic response to treatment.”  The report has three points, all positive in their impressions.  It does appear the liver has undergone some necrosis (death of bodily tissue) that has resulted along with the death of the tumors.  Something new to pray about.  As I sat with this good news the past 24 hours, the still part of me that knows God speaks of course. This is the voice I could not hear the past week.

My oncologist is on vacation and that turned out to be a very good thing.  Linda, a nurse practitioner, stood in for him.   She has been working with patients for 30 years and it showed.  In her presence, I did not feel like a diagnosis.  Her bedside manner was extraordinary.  She explained thoroughly and in a way I could absorb.  She was compassionate and encouraging.  She looked at the periodontal damage to my teeth and said we needed to find a way to make the time for it to be treated.  My blood profile looks very good.  There will be more treatment, however, it needs to wait until my low grade fever is gone. There doesn’t seem to be any physical cause to which Linda can attribute to the fever.

Yesterday, I was at Kahala Mall to stop at the Verizon kiosk.  The objective with the new cell phone I got a couple of weeks ago (Connectivity blog) was to reduce my monthly costs by eliminating the data package my Blackberry required, which I rarely used.  That meant downgrading to a not-so-smart phone.  Actually, I called it a dumb phone but it upset Alexander because it’s what he has and he loves it.  After two weeks of trying to adjust to the new cell phone, the resulting frustration of not having a smartphone was not worth a $20 monthly savings.  It can be seen as a small way of caring for myself.  An angel named Erica was willing to do everything to set up my new Blackberry short of answering the phone for me.  While Erica was working with me a gentleman needing a phone accessory stepped up to the counter.  He asked if he was eligible for a discount through his dental office.  She looked it up and said no and the piece he was buying was only $2.99.  I joked that I would come in tomorrow and get my teeth cleaned if it would help him cover his overhead.  He asked if I had a dentist.  I said “No, although I am in need of a periodontist.”  After explaining the damage to my teeth as a result of the Aredia IV infusions, he explained that surgery is no longer the only option.  It may also be treated with soft tissue laser.  This would mean I could take care of my teeth while receiving chemotherapy.  A chance encounter?  I don’t think so.  The Universe arranges these types of meetings every day to make our lives easier and answer our requests.   Sometimes we just have to be open to make silly comments to the person standing next to us.

This post is being written on my fabulous new MacBook Pro!  Jim took this photo of me at the Apple store:

It is 190 steps to the beach…for me.  I’ll manage.


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  1. Jackie Hinton says:

    Dearest Patricia,

    How absolutely beautiful you look in the picture with your new laptop. What a perfectly shaped head along with a marvelous tan! Thanks for the good news. Much love, Jackie

  2. Jeri says:

    Ditto that one Jackie!!!…:)

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