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Aloha, Patricia

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Our dear friend Patricia made her transition Thursday evening, August 26.

She was surrounded with love and light. Her son, Alexander, and other members of her family were there with her. Their love, their touch, and their prayers guided her as she moved onward from this plane of existence.

She travels forth on her journey of spirit knowing she is deeply loved, greatly appreciated, and that her presence shall always be with us.

(Updated to add:) We will celebrate her life, and the joy she brought to ours, at a memorial service on Tuesday, August 31 at 11:00am in the Chapel at Unity Church of Hawai‘i.


13 Responses to “Aloha, Patricia”
  1. Debbie in AZ says:

    Many times we talked….rarely face to face Many times we laughed…only few times within arms reach. Many times we dreamed….knowing our horizons would soon converge Many times we cried….without the comfort of each other’s reasurring hug Many times we planned to meet….today your space is a new place, and my heart knows your rest is good, your love has been fulfilled,and when next we meet, many times I’ll call you gorgeous girlfriend, chosen sister….forever.

  2. Dianna says:

    Alas, Patricia, you are now at peace, no longer in pain, . . . and you are whole once again! I believe to live in hearts we leave behind is not to die, and you will live always in mine and others. Happy soaring, happy landings.

  3. Jeri says:

    Amen. Aloha Patricia………}

  4. Christine says:

    With love and kisses I say goodbye to the earthbound Patricia, and at the same time say hello to the Goddess Angel Patricia (if you get to pick a new name let us know). You were so immensley loved and you helped so many people through your journey here. I imagine you will be continuing your sacred work, but now with even more power and influence!

  5. Jan Johnson says:

    I know you are in a much better place and never I have met a warrior such as you! I am so full of gratitude to have had our long talk two weeks remember, appreciate, laugh, and mostly love. You have no idea how much I will miss you. I was so looking forward to our “planned spiritual retreat,” and I will do it in your honor. What a fighter I will remember you as. Love you and get everyone in their soulful place you funny Angel!

  6. Kerry says:

    Patricia, in this life you were so much to so many! For me, you will always be…Inspiration! Beauty! Love! Wise! Talented! Amazing Grace! Spirit! Courage! Joy! Laughter! Role-mode! Friend!…and now, will be so deeply missed!
    Your story will uplift and inspire for a long time to come. I knew you just a short while, and you touched me to my core.
    Mahalo Nui, Dear One, you are now an Angel too! Aloha for now…

  7. Jeri says:

    I’ve been returning to your site thru out the day today. Searching and looking for those parts of you perhaps. I do know….it’s been with full intent to search that feeling of “you” out. I miss you. I’ve been soulfully engaged in your every move for a long time now, and I think I wouldn’t be alone on this one.

    May I politely express tonite….that. I wish I knew more about your inner circle that was so clearly around you, and something of beauty I have no doubt you created. My goodness…YOU certainly are a pack animal as you say. hahahahaa

    I wish I had the opportunity to know you. I can see all our smiling faces in the pics. The conversations. The stories.

    Please if I may, introduce myself to you all tonite….? “Hello, my name is Jeri, and I loved her. I live in Nebr. I met Patricia shortly after I moved back in ’05. We met on a RE transaction we were working on. It was clear on some level we were supposed to stop and take a look at each other. It was easy to do. :) Hope I get a chance to meet you all in person someday.”


  8. Leslee Joy says:

    Words don’t come easy for me right now, but know how much you meant to me, and how much you helped me through my journey. I will celebrate 2 years at the end of next month. The words I remember most from you were “cancer doesn’t define who you are” and you are so right. I can only hope to find the strength in faith that you carried and shared so elegantly. I am so glad to have had 25 years of friendship with you here on earth, and delight in knowing I will see you on the other side, when He comes calling me home. I love you!

  9. Lisa Waltman says:

    As I logged on to this page on this beautiful Colorado morning, I was struck by something at the very bottom of the page which claimed, with one stroke of a key we could: “Click here to contact Patricia”. Instantly I was sad. But simoultaneously I found a silent chuckle. If Patrica taught us anything through her journey, through the twists and turns of the road map she laid out for us, it was that regardless of distance or time or space, we are all connected through our Father who never abandons us and is standing by to wrap his arms around us as we depart this limited (and often painful) exsistence. She taught us so much through her faith and her realistic approach to the things in life that truly matter; love, relationships and determination, that I’m envisioning her instructing the angels on exactly how that’s done. This of course, after the gentle lecture from them on why she put off her destination so long…
    I need-none of us need- a keyboard, a screen, technology or even a power cord to reach out to each other, certainly not to our sister, Patricia. A simple connection to the greatest power we’re not even capable of understanding, the greatest love we can’t even begin to fully embrace – is what we need and because of our sister, Patricia, each of us have been shown exactly how to make that connection.
    You will be, are already, missed here and even though my tears cloud the words on this screen, I look with great clarity, for you in my heart where, until we meet again, you will forever reside. Sisters in Christ, Lisa Waltman

  10. Jim says:

    Dear Devine Miss Patricia,

    I’m sitting outside the Apple store at the Kahala Mall. Boy, we spent a lot of time here lately! Rob encouraged us to write in your “book”, but we could not find it, and so your blog will have to do. I will try to keep the tears out of the keyboard as you showed me that water and computers don’t mix.

    I have so much to say to you now. Fortunately, we exchanged “I love you’s” at your apartment a few days ago, so I feel we completed our Spiritual contract. But, there is more I want to share.

    First, you left too early; I was just about to finally let you redecorate my house and make it a “chick pad.” It took a while before I was comfortable with you moving my “stuff” and putting a lot of “decorative” (read: non-utilitarian) pillows all over the place. We also never got to go to the neighbor islands to see some of the farms I worked with. In truth, I was just hoping I could introduce you to a lot of people I know: “this is Patricia, she is my best female friend in Hawaii and she knows everything!” And, in a way, you did – it all boils down to love in one form or another. “What would ‘love’ do?” you would often ask me.

    I loved when you and Alexander would come for a “sleep-over” – it was fun to have you both in my house. It was also great to have you all to myself sometimes – “Patricia time.” I think our last “date night” at the Side Street Inn was one of my favorite times as you just ate what you wanted and I had you all to myself. It’s good to be selfish, sometimes.

    Wow, Alexander has really gotten tall! In the young photos we saw of you today it was easy to see Alexander’s likeness. You would be so proud of his love, gregariousness, and openness to others – I know whom to call if I need some advice! He gave me a big hug after the service to make the feel better – he is definitely your son.

    During your service today Sky talked about how it was an honour to support you – I felt the same way! It was effortless to help you and to love you. In fact, I loved coming to your rescue with your car, computer or condo. Of course, you certainly had my number. You would say, “wow, you are amazing!” a lot and give me cookies and I would do anything for you; even if it meant painting the condo over and over until it was perfect. I am greatly saddened and beside myself, however, that I could not rescue you from your cancer and how it hurt you. Of course, our learned friends remind me that this was not “mine to do,” but nonetheless, I wanted to. After all, isn’t that what trusted friends do for each other?

    So, today some people had already reported, “Patricia sightings”, but I have not had one yet. I did see a huge, deep double rainbow the afternoon of the day you left us, was that you? Sarah in London said that was probably you trying different color schemes for your new place. Please do me a favor, Patricia, and send me a “postcard” or something REALLY OBVIOUS from your new home to say that you are safe, happy, and that you are finally all right. Please tell me that you found it easy to fly again with your silver wings and that will watch over all of us. Darlin, it breaks my heart to see you go – I was hoping to have another 30 years of conversations, even if it meant that you were going to ask me a lot of questions. Well, perhaps when I “go within” you will be there with a “hey, bud!”, and we will be able to pick up where we left off. In the meantime, Patricia, I love you!

    I remain always, your Wizard,


    PS: Yoko sends her best for your journey Home!

  11. Mericiana says:

    I was deeply saddened at Patricia’s passing. When I met her and spoke with her, I knew she was an angel. When we shared email’s and greetings, there was an unspoken understanding of a deeper love for God. You could say It is the love for another that breaks the darkness and enlightens with purity and fulfillment. The first chapter of Patricia’s love has begun, and will always be written in time to be gently carried through the friendships she shared with the love of an angel.
    Like fields, mountains, and animals we know we belong here on earth. However, unlike them, the quality and passion of our longing to return home for angels make us restlessly aware that we cannot belong to the earth. The longing in the human soul makes it impossible for us ever to fully belong to any place, system, or project. We are involved passionately in the world, yet there is nothing here that can claim us completely.

    You will be missed sweet angel, yet I understand your longing to return home to your
    expanded consciousness. Your angel friend, Mericiana

  12. Lisa Ensley says:

    The last week with Patricia has been like none other in my life as I supported her through her transition. I look back at all of the events and am aware of the Divine order of each one. I woke up each day and let God and my heart lead me through. It was all perfect, often difficult, but all perfect. My faith has been deepened.

    I asked myself this past week if there was anything left for me to say to her during the last days of her life and I feel I have said and done everything my heart has told me to say and do.  Supporting her through the past year has been an honor and a blessing and provided me experiences that have enabled my heart and soul to grow and expand in ways I could have never imagined.  She has shown me that love is the most important action in life…for others and myself.  Her unconditional love was constant and in time I learned that she was my mirror, a reflection of myself.  Her spirituality and relationship with God have been an inspiration for me to focus on my spirituality and relationship with God in much deeper and meaningful ways.  Her physical presence will be a great loss for me, but her spiritual presence will always be with me.  I continue to thank God for bringing our paths together in this life for what feels right now like too short a time.

    Sky ~ your relationship with Patricia continues to teach me about love, generosity, support, faith and ultimate trust in God. I have been blessed, especially this week, to witness the bond that existed between the two of you. It has been so sweet and beautiful. She chose the perfect person as an advocate for knowing exactly what to do through each step of a difficult week. I am honored to have a main support for both you and Patricia.

    Mark, Marilyn and Rob ~ I have enjoyed getting to know each of you a little more as we shared ourselves and our relationship with Patricia these past few days. Thank you for helping me to know her better through you.

    Alexander ~ know that you will always have extended family here in Hawaii who love you deeply and will do anything to support you. Your mom lived love and will continue to live love through you. I remember watching the interactions and conversations between the two of you, wondering what it would have been like to have that in my earlier years. You are blessed.

    To all of you who have supported me, especially this past week, I thank you from the bottom of my heart and will continue to call on you as I move through my grieving process. I love you all.

    As we each open our hearts and mourn our loss, let us realize the tremendous amount of love now available in the world because of the many lives she touched. This is the impact each of us can make if we consciously open our hearts to love in all of our interactions with those around us. Patricia has been such an inspirational teacher in this and will continue to be a beacon of light to the world through each of us.

    Patricia ~ Your light of love will shine through me, I will remember your grace and dignity in all situations, your compassion toward everyone you met, your willingness to look at each event with openness to the lessons to be learned, your humor…sometimes subtle, sometimes not, your wonderful smile, your beauty, both inside and out and your ultimate trust and surrender to God. I love you Patricia, you will always be a part of me as I walk through each step in my life.

  13. Jan Johnson says:

    Beautifully said! There is nothing that I could add or change to express what I also feel in my heart. I come to the site expecting to read one of her writings. I miss you a lot, Patty, and will miss our conversations of laughter and spiritual growth.

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