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An update on (and from) Patricia

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This is Steve, Patricia’s web person. I’m posting an update from Rev. Sky St. John and Lisa Ensley, who have been with Patricia over many of the past 48 hours. It is based on her own words and thoughts, and it includes a brief message directly from her. We hold her light, love, and presence in our hearts, just as she holds our presence with her in this moment.

On Monday, we took Patricia to the Emergency Room on the recommendation of her doctor. She has not been able to eat or drink much, and was experiencing nausea and vomiting, jaundice, weakness and instability trying to walk. Blood tests revealed an extreme electrolyte imbalance (especially sodium & potassium) and a high bilirubin level. The results reflected deteriorated liver function and dehydration.

She was given an IV to help rebalance electrolytes, and medicine for the nausea and itching to help ease her discomfort. The ER Internal Medicine doctor compassionately provided candid information about his findings: the liver has been compromised severely due to the cancer and chemotherapy and is not regenerating. There are no further Western medicine options for treatment. The focus now is to provide comfort during this last phase of the disease process.

It wasn’t what anyone wanted to hear, but Patricia wasn’t surprised, given her declining health over the past couple of weeks.

After more than six hours in the ER, she finally was admitted to the hospital Monday night. On Tuesday, we joined her to meet with folks from Hospice to talk about the care they can provide for her when she returns home.

The doctor thinks her remaining time is measured in days or weeks, not months. We brought her home Tuesday evening and someone will be with her round-the-clock until God calls her home. Family members are beginning to arrive today. Hospice will be providing medical care to ease symptoms, manage pain, and make sure she is comfortable.

Patricia adds that:

My decreased energy level has also made it very difficult to keep up communication with everyone. So I have asked Lisa and Sky to be my points of contact. Lisa’s email is and Sky’s is Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all of your thoughts, prayers and support.

Feel free, too, to leave comments here. And additionally, cards and letters can be sent to Patricia c/o Unity Church of Hawai‘i, 3608 Diamond Head Circle, Honolulu, Hawai‘i 96815. We’ll make sure she gets them.

Mahalo for your prayers, gentle thoughts, and aloha.


12 Responses to “An update on (and from) Patricia”
  1. Jan Johnson says:

    All I can think of at this moment is what a wonderful friend you have been to me, how much I love you and while I am miles away, I am in your heart. Love you more than all the drops of water in the ocean. Jan

  2. Jeri says:

    Thank you for sharing with us Skye & Lisa.

    Patricia, you are loved, admired and thought of everyday…}}}

    The Will of God will never take you, where the Grace of God will not protect you. Think that’s where we started back when.

    I love you sweet lady,


  3. Jackie Hinton says:

    Darling Patricia,
    Please feel my presence with you, supporting you, loving you during this time. Your beautiful smile and peacefulness in all situations is pure inspiration and has been so for many years. Now, I send you peace, I send you the knowledge that all will be well, I send you surety that God is with you, holding your hand, I send you my love in support and my hand to hold also. Dearest Girlfriend, I love you. Jackie

  4. Cyndi Schmillen says:

    I just want you to know how much I love you. You have occupied a special place in my heart since I’ve known you. There is no doubt you have taught me how to simply “be” during my times of chaos. You have a gift for that, you know? You have a gift for being present to the heart and soul of a person. You have the gift to point the chaos that surrounds them in the moment and to find simplicity. I have appreciated that you saw ME for who I am. Thank you.

    You have been surrounded by so much love and you have changed the lives of many. You made a difference here on Earth. Everything that has happened, has been PERFECT in God’s eyes. You are still perfect in God’s eyes. As hard as it is to accept that this is God’s plan, I rest in assurance that he has always and still has you, in his good hands and close to his heart. You will always be close to my heart as well. Love you, Patty!

  5. Margie Hyatt says:

    Dear Patricia,

    I know it was your hope to show what it looks like to heal cancer. Along the way you showed us what it is to heal mind, heart and soul. I know you wanted to show us moving wisely and courageously through the medical and alternative fields of treatment possibilities; and so you have. And you have shown us wise and courageous moving in life, at every decision point, every turn, in meeting every obstacle. Through your writings you have shown us the quandaries, the humor, the sorrow, the victories, the pain of this journey, being as wholly you as you could be, and sharing it all. This potent witness to being present to all of the process, the good/bad, the funny/sad, the glorious/wretched, writes a road map for the rest of us. This is the “book” you gift us: your learnings and teachings of trust, faith and surrender into the God of your being. You are the soul’s cartographer, dear Patricia. I hold you close in my heart; grateful, loving you, seeing you in peace and wholeness, ease and comfort.
    Warm hugs,

  6. Christine says:


  7. Rosie Kaiser says:

    My heart sank from reading this message! I love you so much Patricia! I think I didnt want to know because I just read the message Aloha Patricia and just read this message today. My heart sank! I see her bright beautiful smiling face in my mind! I am so glad I met you and you are so very precious to me!
    Love you always Patricia!I Know GOD is with you on your new journey! I sure will miss you!!!!!!!!!!
    Love always,

  8. Garby Guerrero says:


    All the memories that I have in mind draw your wonderful smile, drinking wine and teaching me the English that I know today. I couldn’t show you La Gran Sabana in this opportunity, but I’m sure that the next time I visit that special place you will be with me.
    Thank you very much to be in my life. Do you know that I’m the next? I’m third in the picture, hahaha. You, Clhoe and me will have another party in another place, I promise!!!but in the mean time I’m going to miss you.

  9. charlene says:

    My Dear Sweet Patricia.
    How I have loved knowing you and walking for a little while beside you. You have been an inspiration to me and I am certain to all you have touched . I shall miss you.
    I send my love to where ever you are
    Nameste~ Charlene

  10. Leslee Joy says:

    I’m just seeing this for the first time….and I am so sad. You were such a fighter and a wonderful human being. God no doubt has a great angel in you Patricia. Thank you for all the great memories, your strength, and your words of encouragement. You are so loved!

  11. L Price says:

    I only “knew” you via my sister (Leslee Joy) and through her continuous updates. I checked your progress every week. You will be missed by many, many people. You have been a true inspiration to everyone that has been lucky enough to follow your brave journey. I will miss your eloguent posts (and your humor.) You will never be forgotten! God speed, Patricia. The angels are rejoicing for another has joined them!

  12. Elizabeth Claire says:

    It is difficult to see as tears are not stopping their flow . I have not been tuned in to the web site due to work and new responsabilities and how I have looked forward to catching up on dear Patricias commentaries and healing ! I have seen you in your perfection Patricia since the first time I met you , and in daily prayers you are radiant and joyeous ! I feel sad that you are not with us physically now and I know you are with us though as I write this and I want you to know just how very deeply you touched my soul with your openness and engaging website . I am a richer and more soulfull person because of you . You are a dear friend to all . I will always remember your love , your courage and your depth of character . Namaste and Aloha for now ,

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