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Chocolate chip cookies

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You have probably heard stories or experienced it first hand when someone takes their car into the mechanic so they can diagnose where that pinging noise originates.  You get to the mechanic and the car doesn’t make the noise. That’s what I thought of today. When I awoke this morning, I wasn’t in pain.  I drove to Kaiser Medical Center without pain.  I met with the doctor without pain to discuss my pain.   He reminded me that the prescription Arimidex, which I am on,  has the side effect of joint pain.  He took x-rays of my hip for good measure and sent me home with a new pain relief prescription.

After arriving home I googled Arimidex side effects, and began to read a multitude of comments from women with resonance to my own experience.  An odd sort of comfort to know others are in the same pain.  The most common side effects are severe joint pain and stiffness and fatigue.   Personally, the pain is excruciatingly hot and searing.  The additional sites I perused addressed other symptoms I have experienced and could not attribute to anything, such as dizziness and hands so stiff in the morning I could not hold a coffee cup.

This all served an expansive purpose, flushing out hidden fears I wrote about in yesterday’s blog.  My sweet angel friend Carol sent me this note:

I’m with you, holding the space. You are so awash in God. Caroline Myss has a great phrase for when God just picks you up and tosses you into the thing your ego dreaded most, so that you come closer to God. It’s, “In you go!” Like putting chocolate chip cookies into the oven. They’re different when they come out. More delicious.

Excuse me while I take my cookies out of the oven…


2 Responses to “Chocolate chip cookies”
  1. Christine says:

    I love chocolate chip cookies and you, but not side effects. :)
    My heart is open and happy to be on your journey with you.

  2. Jeri says:

    Just finished reading this and I wanted to say that your sweet angel friend Carol is a very wise woman. You are delicious! It’s supports my sweet tooth just thinking about you Patricia. And I think about you alot! :)

    I’m so amazingly blessed to know you. Have a wonderful experience with Kim and hubby these next 10 days. I’m so excited when we can all get together again.

    Love you sweet pea, J

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