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Things are warming up

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Friday:  Yesterday the doctor ordered a blood culture, urinalysis and another antibiotic for the ongoing fever which first appeared on June 11.  The Nurse Practitioner called this morning to share the results.  There isn’t any growth in the blood culture and no bacteria identified.  It’s all good.  Getting a fever is an important part of your body’s defense against infection. The body uses a fever as a defense to kill viruses and other germs.  If you turn up the temperature too much, germs die.  It’s a good thing.

Saturday:  The fever is roaring today and spiking at 104.  This good thing does not feel good.  I have not set foot outside the building.  My time is spent with cool cloths on my forehead, tying up loose ends with appointments, reading the paper and doing the Jumble, eating small, light snacks, drinking liters of water, taking a shower, reading a book, calling a friend for support, talking with Alexander who is looking for that special shampoo I bought for him that makes his hair feel so soft.  If the fever wasn’t uncomfortable enough, today for the very first time, I had to put on a pair of those magnifying reading glasses in order to read my book and the newspaper.   Didn’t need them yesterday and today I do.  Just like that.  Oy vey.


2 Responses to “Things are warming up”
  1. Jeri says:

    Loving that!! woohoo

  2. Elizabeth Claire says:

    Dearest Patricia , I just want you to know your comments and messages from other wise Ones are good to recieve . I send the healing power of know Divine Love and see your perfection and radience , Love always , Elizabeth

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