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Fly United

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Last night, I took a deep breath, clicked the button and purchased a one way ticket on United to Omaha departing Honolulu Wednesday June 9 and arriving Omaha June 10.  Just in time for the summer humidity.  A friend asked me if I have any regrets.  No, none.  Bittersweet tears?  Yes, daily.  I’m already planning on being back in Hawaii in the winter for a few weeks, to be sure.

My team of girlfriend foot soldiers in Omaha are on alert for discovering our new home.  I don’t know upon whose heart God will place the information for where we are to live…who will be my Angel messenger.  Alexander is already designing his bedroom, complete with surround sound.  Bless his heart.  For two years, he has forfeited having his own room in order to be here with me.   I look forward with sweet anticipation to designing a room for him worthy of a young teen skateboarder and exceptional human being.

Rev. Sky decided to rent out the condo after we leave.  It’s in a great location in the building and on the side that has patios.  On Monday, that soft voice of Spirit said to mention to Flo that our condo would become available in June.   Flo?  Really?  Flo is a tenant in this building having lived here for almost ten years.  She is a native Hawaiian, retired and loves living in this area.  We see and greet each other occasionally and I knew her to be kind, considerate, faithful.  On Wednesday, I went to the lobby to get our mail, and as God would have it, Flo was in the lobby talking with someone.  I came back into our home and asked God “should I mention it to Flo now?”  After hearing yes, I went back into the lobby to talk with her.  I told her we were returning to Omaha in early June and our condo would be available and I gave her the rent amount.  Not knowing why I was to mention it to her, I asked if she knew anyone who might be interested.  Her eyes were wide and her mouth dropped open.  She looked stunned.  I said “Are you alright?”  She said “I can’t believe you are mentioning this to me.  I have been wanting a condo on your side of the building for over a year.  When they come up for rent, they are always so high priced, I can’t afford it.  Just yesterday, I told the Lord that I was resigned to stay in my studio apartment, that I could be happy here.  I told Him if  he wants me in a different condo on the other side, then He would make it happen.  Just yesterday I said this and look what happened!”  I told her that God nudged me to talk with her and I didn’t know why…until now.  She came to see the interior of the condo, fell in love with it and became Sky’s new tenant the next day.  It can be that easy.

Yesterday I had a CT scan. Being the last patient of the day has its advantages.  Get her in and get her out, so we can go home!  It was quick and uneventful.  My oncologist should receive those results on Friday.  You’ll be the second to know.  I underestimate what it takes to go through the process, even though everything you read makes it sound simple. There is also the mental and emotional preparation leading up to the scan.  I could feel a sense of relief when I arrived home knowing this was done for another three months.  And then there is waiting for results to be “graded”.

We watched the Oscar awards Sunday evening.  That night as Alexander lay in bed, he gave me one of the best Oscar acceptance speeches I have ever heard!   I was in tears from laughter from his words and his British accent.  He thanked everyone from his Mum to his chakras.  Shortly after that, there was a quiet pause and he asked me “What’s next, Mom?  What’s next for you?   What do you want to achieve from all of this?”  I was dumbstruck…first from the thought-provoking consideration of the question and then because I couldn’t answer right away.  It’s a question that begs an answer and one I have been pondering and meditating about for weeks as I continue the process of setting up my non-profit organization “For the Love of Cancer” in Nebraska.  What will our work entail?  How will we serve?  What I do know is the clarity will come as it has for everything.  My own journey provides the answers in a timely manner and they can’t be forced.   I am living it.  I want my life and my cancer experience to be someone’s answer.


2 Responses to “Fly United”
  1. David Tasaka says:


    Best wishes for your life’s journey’s as I know that God has the best plans laid out for you and Alexander. It was a honor knowing and working with you while you were here. May you be blessed.

  2. Rosie Kaiser says:

    Patty and Alex,

    I love reading your journey on this wonderful inspiring website.! My mouth fly open when I seen you are planning to return to Omaha! I wish you and Alex all the very best! I know I have not seen you to often while you have lived here but you and your son have touch my life! You are beautiful beings of life and love! I wish you all the very best and more! And will miss you both!!! I hope to hug you both before you leave on your new exciting journey.!!!!
    God loves you two so very much and so do I!
    Hugs and many blessings,

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