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Guardian Angels

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My friend Marvalyn lives five minutes from me along a busy two-lane highway.  In mid December, she was in her yard pruning some bushes alongside her home.  After about an hour, she was overcome with an insatiable thirst.  Her throat suddenly felt parched.  It was too strong not to notice.  She felt an immediate urge to go into her home for water.  It was if someone was instructing her to get a drink of water and get it now! In her bathroom, she was getting the water when she heard a very loud thud and went outside to check the source.  A drunken man driving a car had veered off the highway and crashed into the side of her home.  Marvalyn stood staring at the position of the car.  It had crashed exactly where she would have been standing had she not gone into her home for the drink of water.

Neighbors came to check on Marvalyn and called the police.  Understandably shaken, she went inside her home and sat down to compose herself.  She has always led a spiritual life and realized that a guardian Angel had intervened for her when she was outside. She began to give thanks of gratitude and blessings for the Love and Grace shown to her, as well as for all the times in her life when she had neglected to appreciate their presence.  She asked if she could know the Angel’s name that had spared her life this day.  In the quiet stillness, she heard the name “Bartholomew”.

Angels are all around us, standing ready to assist and support. If you don’t believe so, just ask Marvalyn.

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