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Healing questions

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What opens the door for healing to occur?  What is the process?  What blocks it from happening?  I’ve been pondering these questions for many weeks, asking for Guidance.  My quest is related to taking my own healing message out to the world.

In Carolyn Myss’ new book Defy Gravity, she terms healing a mystical experience.  It is a spiritual happening. It’s an inside job. It’s the emotional work that unravels the knot and clears the sludge out of the pipe of well-being.  The healing happens on an energetic emotional level which allows God’s healing Light and Love to work its magic and the Divine intelligence of the body to be reawakened.  The healing is then manifest in our physical body.  Given that, I believe healing is a two fold process.  It happens with practitioners on the 3rd dimensional physical level and also requires energy work in the 4th &  5th dimensions. Chemotherapy was answered prayer for me.  It gave me the time to do the emotional work.  That is my experience.  Her writing is so exquisite, I encourage you to open the link to read her exposition on the subject.

Makes me long for the days of having boo-boo’s and all you needed was a band-aid.

Scientists have discovered that any trauma, physical or emotional, is a trigger for the growth of tumors.  Stress has been a known cause of cancer since 1908.  How does stress cause cancer? The study by Yale University researchers found that stress, even the “normal” everyday variety, can act as a pathway between cancerous mutations, potentially triggering the growth of tumors.  What changed that eliminated stress from my life?  Seeing and acknowledging that it was my reaction to life’s events that was creating the stress, not always the event itself.  Life happens.  It’s the meaning we give it that matters.  What is the story we are making up in our heads about what is happening?  I’m not talking about stuffing your feelings.  On the contrary, feel them and let them go. You might find they are fleeting.  Age helps.  At 53, perhaps it’s time to give up the fear that I might be living in a van down by the river.

The body temple.  The playground of the Soul.  Respect it and feed it well.  This article is an excellent start to changing our thinking.

At this time, my inquiry about healing is taking me down many paths.  All of which I am happy to travel for the purpose of being in service to all individuals whose life experience has caused them to ask the questions.

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