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Lisa Love

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Marianne Williamson wrote a brief piece on what she calls her Band of Angels-her group of friends who recently supported her through a serious illness.  Yesterday my friend Lisa, (I nicknamed her Lisa Love), sent me a text asking if I’d like her to join me at the hospital to talk with the doctor about my pain.  My first thought was coming from old programming, from my small self.  “I can’t ask her to do that.  They are swamped at church and it will be a further burden on her to take a few hours to come to the hospital.” Wise Lisa reminded me that I didn’t ask her to join me, she asked if she could join me.  It was one of those small defining moments when your ego wants you to say no and your heart is whispering to you to let the Love in and say yes.  Every now and then, I still bump up against a limit of what I think I can allow others to do for me.  Lisa listened as I shared those feelings.  Thank God for friends like Lisa who notice the ego’s chatter and move me through it.  I stopped the conversation in my head, and she decided to meet me at 10:20 am at Kaiser.  She didn’t depend on me to be able to identify my needs or to be able to express them.  I had taken in narcotic pain relievers for four days, was in pain, dizzy and foggy.  She noticed what she could do, what Love could be, and simply stepped in.  How does she know when to step in?  She is a master at staying in touch, at keeping her finger on the pulse of those she loves.  She showed me how sweet it is to have a friend by my side, to have someone share their perceptions of the experience, and to quietly hold me up with her loving presence.   Through her selfless friendship, she is teaching me how to be the kind of friend I have intended to be.  What does Love look like?  Like this.  Like Lisa.

Lisa Love


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