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The View

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It is Monday morning and for those of you who are visual or curious or both, these are the views from the 6th floor condo window where I will complete my restoration:

Diamond Head

Waikiki Beach is tucked between the trees and the ocean

It is now Tuesday.  After downloading the above photos, I took a break from entering this blog.   During that time, my water bottle was knocked over on the counter that my laptop was sitting upon.  Do I really need to tell you the rest of the story?   Prior to this accident, I was going to write that the only speed bump I encountered all day was going the wrong way on a one way. At the Apple store today, the Genius Bar Associate wasn’t optimistic about the survival rate for my MacBook.  In fact, the prognosis is dismal.  The good news is my hard drive is unaffected.  Even if it had been, my good friend Jim taught me to back up my data every ten days.   That’s what good friends do.  Help you move and teach you how to back up your computer data.

My energy is slowly returning after a very emotional and physically draining weekend.  Alexander will be calling from skateboard camp tomorrow.  Hearing his voice will be the highlight of my week and as my friend Debbie says, probably make me do the “ugly cry”.  You know, the cry where your face is all contorted?  CAT scans are Thursday and an appointment with my oncologist to discuss the results is scheduled for Monday.

This morning I met my next door neighbor, Jerry.  What are the chances of living next door to someone whose father invented the original chemotherapy drug?  Probably a chance in heaven. Being in Sky’s space stretched me to yet a higher level of giving and receiving.  I so wanted to argue with God to please find me another place to live that wouldn’t require anyone leaving their home.  For reasons as of yet fully known, this is where I am to be.  Again, I find myself humbly saying yes and am moved to tears that Sky said yes as well.  He has been my Light and mentor as someone who knows to the core of his being that God is the Source of his supply.  Others may look at his generosity and shrink with fearful thoughts of scarcity or lack.  For him, and for me, it is what we are here to be and do for each other.  For me, it is the only reason to have anything in this material world…so that I may share it and give it, just as it was given to me from the true Source of our supply.

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