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There’s no place like home

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When suddenly the unexpected happens, Patricia, it’s always me… just getting everything ready for the time of your life.

Love you, mean it – 
    The Universe

When God led me to move to Hawaii in June 2008, it had the qualities of a miracle:  An extraordinary event in the physical world that surpasses all known human powers of Patricia and can only be ascribed to God. It was not a planned move.  It was Divinely guided and unfolded with ease and grace.  My beloved friend Rev. Sky was on the receiving end, giving us a soft place to land.  This was my home to heal.  Little did I know how much.  I thank God every day for the guidance to move, for Sky receiving the same and saying yes, and for the extraordinary healing that resulted on the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual levels.  Hawaii is a healing land.  God is a preeminent travel agent.  He does an exquisite job creating islands, too.

When Alexander began the 8th grade last August, my intuition was that he would not be attending high school on the same campus where he attended junior high school.  This past fall, there was a faint blip coming in from the outermost edge of my radar screen. Something new was coming on the horizon.  When I tapped into the energy, all I could intuit was that it was a change involving a move.  My first thought was that we would be moving from the country into Honolulu and Alexander would attend school there.  Letting go of trying to figure it out, I watched the blip on the screen in my mind’s eye.

As the calendar turned over to November, my ego tapped me on the shoulder as a gentle reminder there were only about seven months left before a decision would need to be made about where Alexander would go to high school…and where would we live and how would I afford housing and on and on.  Always the ego wondering how, how, how.  In a moment that makes me laugh as I recall it, I said to God “I don’t know how You’re going to make this happen, what You’re going to come up with, but You’re going to have to do it because I haven’t got a clue how to make this work.”  Here I am talking to the Creator of All That Is as if my little life logistics would present a challenge.  In that moment, I accepted the invitation to let go.  I don’t yet fully know who I am, so how could I know what I need?  You decide, God.  I want what you want for me.

In December, I was in my quiet space of communing with God when the message was clear about where we were being led.  Are you sitting down?  Because I wasn’t.

God:  Patricia, it’s time to return to Omaha.

Patricia:  Nebraska?!  Are you serious?  You must mean Arizona, California or Florida.  This must be a cosmic joke!

God:  Yes, Patricia, I am serious.  No, Patricia, it is not a joke.  Unless you decide to be stubborn and do things your way and then it could be a joke…on you.  But, we’ve been there before, haven’t we?  Remember when…

Patricia:  Okay, point made.

We were to return to Omaha…Nebraska…freezing winters… sweltering summers.

She felt that small shiver that occurred to her when events hinted at a destiny being laid out, of unseen forces intervening.             ~ Dorothy Gilman

After I sat down, shook off the shock and felt into it, I could begin to see the logical truth of what this would mean for us.  This would allow Alexander to have both parents in the same location.  He could foster a closer relationship with his Dad through his high school experience and I would not be a single parent while recuperating from chemotherapy.  He would receive a top notch high school education.  We would be close to family again.  Knowing God as I do, there are many other reasons unknown to me at this time.  When I need to know, I will know.  The Daily Bread concept.

God did not ask me “can you do this?”  He asked me “will you do this?”  Can I do this isn’t a relevant question to me.  If this move flows with a Divine plan for my life, then the way will be made known and the way will be made clear.  The support will manifest just as it always does when I get out of the way.  ’The will of God will never take you where the Grace of God will not protect you.”  I trust He has the best Relocation Department that money can’t buy. The question is will I do this?   The quality of my life today is enough evidence to me to continue to trust.  I anticipate with great excitement the unfolding of God’s plan as I say yes, yes, yes…and then I remember I gave away all of my winter coats.

My close friends know this choice to move to Omaha was not born in Patricia.  They know the closest I want to be to the inclement Midwest weather is the national news as they broadcast from the frozen tundra. Have you seen the classic movie “The Christmas Story”?  Remember the scene where Ralphie is so bundled up in layers of winter clothes that his arms are sticking straight out at 90 degree angles because he can’t move them?  It’s really like that.  You wear name tags on your coats to identify each other because you are clothed beyond recognition.  In Nebraska you can have a 60 degree change in temperature from one day to the next. In a Waikiki restaurant they have a permanent sign painted on the wall that reads “Today’s temp 81”.   In Nebraska the best we can say is today there will be weather.  What that will be is anyone’s guess.

There are bittersweet tears knowing we are leaving.  I cry as I write this.  I am extraordinarily blessed.  My dream for as long as I can remember has been to live by the ocean’s edge.  By the time I leave, I will have had two years of dream-come-true bliss.  Two years of walking 50 yards to my backyard ocean.  Two years of healing volcanic rock and the heat from the Hawaiian sun.  And two years with compassionate, loving, generous friends who will move with me in spirit.  As my friend Steve shared “For there is no barrier of time and space, ultimately. And we all continue on your journey with you, no matter where that journey takes you.”     They will forever have their fingerprints on my Soul.  And they can plan on seeing me every January.  For the whole month.  To thaw out.

My Hawaii

This is all possible because I know my God.  And my God has a grander version and a greater vision for me or this would not be happening.  And Hawaii was where it needed to be born.  This move saved my life, of that I am convinced.  I return to Omaha transformed from this Hawaiian sabbatical. As schmaltzy or maudlin as it may sound, I discovered home inside of me. God brought me to Hawaii to bring me home…to me.  Dorothy, where are my ruby slippers?

My backyard ocean. Horse and rider unknown.


3 Responses to “There’s no place like home”
  1. Christine says:

    Those that are healed make the best healers in turn! I am excited for what may come for you, minute by minute, day by day, year by year…. My “selfish” parts are thrilled with the idea of you being back in NE and my “selfull” place is thrilled too so it’s all good. Sending love as always.

    • Patricia says:

      I, too, am excited to return to Omaha, new and improved! You have always been a Light for me, Christine, and I look forward
      to nurturing our friendship and all the joy that will bring us.

  2. Jan Johnson says:

    WOW! Am now back on the internet after working with technical support until 12:30 this morning to get things straight! Finally get out of work early and then silly me just can’t wait to get the modem up. No wonder you have lots to share! You are amazing! Love, Jan

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