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The Aredia infusion on Thursday was uneventful.  The gang was still there, as in nurse Barb, Mary Jane, Krystal, Diane.  The effects of the infusion are flu-like symptoms and those have been minimal.  The hip pain continues to subside and requires only one pain reliever at night.  Slowly, I feel myself coming back into alignment from a challenging past two weeks.  As the cartoon suggests, today is a good day.

Yesterday, this Midwest small town girl experienced a Tsunami warning.  Alexander and I drove across the highway to the Ponds at Punalu`u Retirement Center located a mile away on top of a hill, high enough to watch the ocean itself or the TV coverage of the ocean.  As we were preparing to leave our condo near the beach (very near the beach), it was the classic situation of deciding what to take should you never see any of your belongings again.  Alexander took his laptop, phone, wallet and allowance.  I took my laptop, phone, purse, sachel of important papers and recently purchased lip gloss in the shade of Prrrr.  Every woman knows how difficult it is to find the perfect shade of lip color.  My intention is for it to always be this easy to turn our back on our possessions. The parking lot was full of local townspeople and the center provided a lunch of chili and rice for everyone.  Our friend Ina lives at the Ponds.  We  joined her on the 4th floor where they served residents roast beef, carrots & potatoes, strawberry shortcake and Cookies & Cream ice cream.  It’s nice to know people in high places.  Every person we encountered was calm and peaceful…and the ocean turned out to be as well.  We were back home in four hours, and by then, the world was watching the You Tube video of the man now dubbed the “Idiot” who was wading in the ocean at the height of the Tsunami warning.

This afternoon a resting sea turtle graced our beach.  It’s the first time since living here we have seen one up close near our home. It was an auspicious occasion.  Of course, it must mean something, right?  It can’t just be a turtle resting on the beach, can it?

The Symbolic Meaning of the Turtle

Sea turtles are more ancient than any other vertebrate animal: they watched the dinosaurs evolve and even become extinct. They survived the Earth’s ages of ice and continue to flourish.

Through the ages and cultures, turtles have many meanings. In the Far East it was believed the shell was a symbol of heaven and the square underside was a symbol of earth. The turtle could help you unite heaven and earth within your own life.  Others believe the turtle is associated with longevity, great age, and wisdom.

The turtle naturally withdraws and goes within when in turmoil. It does not need to learn the importance of this; it naturally knows.

The turtle’s whole life is one of steadfastness, of effort and patience. Slow and steady.   A life of ‘non-doing’. There is a saying “home is where the heart is”.   The turtle is always at home within itself.

~From the Life Balance Institute

May we learn from these ancient creatures.

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