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Thumbs Up!

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It’s a day to write about.

There hasn’t been much to write about, or at least I have been at a loss as to how to write about days where my long term goal is to get up in the morning.  The days have been about rest and slow motion and leisure.  The car rarely leaves the parking stall. Venturing two steps out on the lanai is considered my walk.  The past week I have experienced more fatigue than usual and reading has been a welcome respite.  ”The Yoga of Jesus” by Yogananda, “The Second Half of Life” by Angeles Arrien and “Stones into Schools” by Greg Mortensen.  I’m a documentary fanatic and enjoyed an acclaimed one on Frank Lloyd Wright and a lovely and profound biopic called  ”Serephine” about an obscure French artist whose work ends up in a Paris exhibition after her death. Throw in a little Audrey Hepburn, Bette Davis and Brad Pitt and I could have hosted my own film festival.

Sleep has come naturally the past three nights.  Because it is my “off” week there wasn’t any treatment yesterday, and my energy is increasing.  Today, I was ecstatic to realize after three weeks of fatigue I had enough mojo to drive the car more than the five minutes to the small, local grocery store.  I could make the full 20 minute drive in the opposite direction to the movie theatre, and with that, I took myself out for the afternoon…wig and all.  It is my way of dressing up a little.  Someone else might put on a pretty sundress.  I put on hair.

“Letters to Juliet” was released today and I was yearning for a good love story…and I got one.  From the beginning you know there will be a happy ending. You know the lovers will find each other.   And you don’t care that you know these things.  The movie begins to carry you away and I found myself saying “Yes, take me with you.”  It was filmed almost entirely in Italy and Italy is home to my heart.  Many of my friends felt they were finally at home when they first arrived in Hawaii.  I felt that way when I was in Italy.  The stack of napkins I had for the popcorn I never bought were used to wipe away my constant falling tears.  Tears for the beauty I remembered of Italy, for it’s vineyards, landscape, people, cuisine, lifestyle, history, music.  All of its culture.  And for the love stories in the movie that unfolded which were made all the more poignant against a backdrop of Italian passion and architecture.  Yes, her long lost Italian lover comes galloping around the corner on an extraordinary horse and their eyes lock and the recognition of each other after 50 years unlocks the memories kept safely sheltered within.  And as schmaltzy as that sounds, you forget to breathe for a moment.  The movie is rated PG which was refreshing and left so much more to the imagination. After the lovers reunite, you become the writer and producer of what might have happened their first evening together.  I didn’t leave the theatre until every last credit had shown listing the Vincenzo’s, Bianchi’s, Salvatori’s and Raffaeli’s who assisted in creating the film.

There was the remembrance that living in Europe has been a dream I have harbored since my first trip there, yet never considered a real possibility.  Today, I dusted that dream off so I could look at it more closely and decide what to do with it.  If that weren’t enough, I turned up the volume and listened to Andrea Bocelli serenade me in the car on the drive home.  As I floated through our lanai door, I greeted Alexander with “Ciao Bello!”  He asked  ”How was the movie?”  ”Favoloso!”  I purred, which exhausted my Italian language repertoire unless you count prosciutto.

I flopped on my bed to rest and bask, unwilling to let go just yet of my delicious few hours.  Definitely,  two thumbs up.


7 Responses to “Thumbs Up!”
  1. Margie Hyatt says:

    I think may have happened on a new career option…movie reviewer! How delicious to feel, hear, see, almost taste, this movie through your words! Then, I’ve been convinced for some time, if you wrote your grocery list, it would read as a new and wondrous experience of words, language and beauty. Love, hugs and contentezza to you!

  2. Marlana says:

    Beautiful Patricia…Thank You for taking me with you on such a Romantic journey to Italy. You wrote this so well darling that all who read it will travel your “Romance” with you. Patricia my love, you truly Have Been Kissed By GOD! I Love You-

  3. Jan Johnson says:

    Ditto on the above Bella Patricia! I am going to HAVE to see the movie now! Tickled that you are getting out and energy is recovering. I know I have been a “liar, liar, pants on fire” about photos but I REALLY am going to do this morning. Artie and I hauled 5,000 pounds of rock….yes that would be 2 1/2 tons for the Asian spot, yesterday. The spot looks great, but can’t say the same about myself. :-) ! CIAO (and that is the extent of my Italian)! jan

  4. Lisa Ensley says:

    And here I am in Italy wishing I could talk with you about it. I miss you my friend.

  5. Jan Johnson says:

    The day after Thanksgiving and as I am reflecting, I am grateful for the presence you played in my life and how much I miss you! Jan

  6. Patrick says:

    I miss sharing wine and stories with you.
    I’m grateful for how you celebrated life and how you lived your dreams!

  7. Jan Johnson says:

    Just read Patrick’s post and yes I too, miss the same things. Felt sad because you were planning to come back and spend time with me in Scottsbluff over the holidays. I wonder if you realized how very much you would be missed? I still find myself clicking on the website every now and then to see what daily soul vitamin morsel awaits me. Know you are in a marvelous place and so well deserved but so missed. Love, jan

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