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Rev. Angela Peregoff

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There is only one life, one mind, one heart, and one perfect pure presence

of Life. It is everywhere, in everything and in everyone. It is the source

of all creation, and it is my source. Today I know that whatever the task or

challenge before me in my life, it is present. Whatever it is that I embark

upon this day, that presence is in me.

This is good to know! For whether I am working towards healing, expansion,

or looking to do or become something completely new in my life, the truth is

that Spirit is at work right alongside me. My life is the work of Spirit, in

form as me, with my personality and perceptions, thinking through my mind,

manifesting through my actions, and loving through my heart. I consciously

open my life every day for this wonderful Spirit to be present in me. This

is indeed a choice I make, for whether I choose to be an opening for Spirit

or not, it is always present.

In this opening that I make, joy is born. Healing and understanding have

full sway. Compassion and kindness reign. And abundant ease makes its home

wherever I am. This is the result of consciously making this choice, to know

that behind what I know is the Knower. Within what I do is the action of

Spirit. I joyously take time every day to open my mind and heart and life to

the action of Spirit, and the results are amazing! For this, I give enormous


And I let this be so. And so it is.



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  1. pazyfe says:

    Thank you I really needed these words of wisdom, I was just diagnosed with Breast Cancer and my emotions are tossing me back and forth, so I needed a spirit-filled wave to cleanse my thoughts and lift me up. I needed to be reminded that God has “perfect synchronization.” He is the choreographer, creator, director and producer, he knows what He is doing. So many times I have looked back and seen His purpose and reason, in my life, I must also look at this and know He is in control. As I started to read the word aggressive in my pathology report, God allowed me to use this same adjective to describe who He is. He is aggressive in my life He is present and WILL be present, He is the Healer, his love must be aggressive in my life, ready to consume everything in its path. Blessed be the name of the Lord.

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