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Debbie Mitchell (Quincy, IL)

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Wow!  that is my favorite song in the world!!!  Thank You!  What a women, gets a treatment of chemo yesterday which I forgot for the first time to connect with you on that day, so sorry, and sends me a beautiful card with a wonderful message the next day.  And all of that after days of unbelievable pain!!  You are quite a women, Patricia, and I along with many others am learning so much from you about faith, that you have mastered.  You are an example to us all and I am honored to call you friend.  I know that I am not going through anywhere near what you are but that card and that song were exactly what I needed today. You are amazing!  I am so proud of you and so loving you through all of this.  And yes, like lots of others I so wish I could be there not just for you, because I am know that you have amazing friends there, but believe it or not for me just to be in your presence and to let a little of your amazing light shine on me.  Now that is a selfish, but an honest statement. !

You are loved beyond measure, not only by me but by sooo many wonderful people. Have a beautiful nights sleep, I know a little early for you to go to bed there, but just about my bedtime in an hour or so :)

Thank you again for the card I do appreciate it and I so love having you for a friend.



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  1. Cyndi says:

    Thanks Debbie, for echoing my words too!

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