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Dr. Christine Zorad (Omaha, NE)

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Hi Patricia!

I am so very glad you are doing well and wanted to let you know my dear friend passed on April 1st.  She basically died from a rare complication of chemo….I wish her awareness had been more in tune, because when she went through the second round of chemo there was a point where it took all her will power to go and finish the series and was truly devastated during and after.  I’m angry because her oncologist told her if she made up her mind to feel better, she would….she just layed on my adjusting table and cried that day.

I am telling you this because it is so important to listen to what spirit and your body is saying and I have every confidence you are.  All our journeys are differend and hers was meant to be her own, I’m saying I like your better!

Dr. Christine Zorad

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