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Laurie Tueller (Laie, HI)

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I took a minute to read your blog and I wanted to tell you that you are a example to me of great faith and trusting in the Lord.  I guess it is the hard times (and you have had more than your share) that give us greater faith and a greater desire to turn our lives over to the Lord because we know that there is nothing we can do without Him.  We lost a daughter to kidney failure and at that time I think I really grew to trust His will for her and for our family.  It was such a spiritual experience for me but as time has gone on I feel myself slipping slowly.  I cannot imagine trying to face the world and all it’s challenges without the knowledge that He is there and loves us and directs our lives. My brother and sister in law just lost her nephew to carbon monoxide poisoning (a bad furnace) and someone wrote her to say “Faith is not knowing what the future holds but Who holds the future.”

You are a great woman and an inspiration to us all.    I sure sharing  your experience is blessing the lives of many people, including mine.  Thanks for your wonderful example.


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