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A Celebration of Life (Updated)

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(UPDATED August 31 to include video of the memorial service.) Patricia lived live fully and embraced it completely. She inspired us, loved us, and moved us to our highest and best. We celebrated her and her life with a memorial service on Tuesday, August 31. Watch the celebration of Patricia’s life (40 minutes/163 MB):

Aloha, Patricia

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Our dear friend Patricia made her transition Thursday evening, August 26…We will celebrate her life, and the joy she brought to ours, at a memorial service on Tuesday, August 31 at 11:00am in the Chapel at Unity Church of Hawai‘i.

An update on (and from) Patricia

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This is Steve, Patricia’s web person. I’m posting an update from Rev. Sky St. John and Lisa Ensley, who have been with Patricia over many of the past 48 hours. It is based on her own words and thoughts, and it includes a brief message directly from her…

The Chronicles of Ascites

August 15, 2010 by  
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It is obvious I have reached a place where I haven’t enjoyed writing about what is happening.  Not sure why.  One voice says it is important to keep the blog up to date at least weekly for my angel friends who are praying and watching over me and another voice says “if you don’t feel [...]

How to scrub a heart

July 22, 2010 by  
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All of our experiences are good, even if we seem to fall into a black hole. For me, these experiences drive me further into this work and keep me motivated to heal my mind. Don’t resist any of it. To resist is to say it should not be happening. But nothing is wrong. The world [...]

Read the fine print

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In the blog titled “Things are warming up”, I wrote briefly about a fever that first appeared on June 11 and the diagnostic tests showed no cause.  It left yesterday because this patient would not give up on sourcing the cause.  I prayed to be shown somehow what was seeding the fever.  On Monday June [...]

An unforgettable and forgettable birthday

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As birthdays come and go, this 54th celebration last Friday will certainly be an unforgettable and forgettable one. This is the unforgettable part.  A few of my nearest and dearest amazing, giving friends gathered Friday morning for brunch at my favorite Hau Tree Lanai Restaurant.   When you choose to celebrate life go to the [...]

We are aspens

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Above me, wind does its best to blow leaves off the aspen tree a month too soon. No use wind.  All you succeed in doing is making music, the noise of  failure growing beautifully Bill Holm, “August in Wateron, Alberta”

Things are warming up

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Friday:  Yesterday the doctor ordered a blood culture, urinalysis and another antibiotic for the ongoing fever which first appeared on June 11.  The Nurse Practitioner called this morning to share the results.  There isn’t any growth in the blood culture and no bacteria identified.  It’s all good.  Getting a fever is an important part of [...]

“a dramatic response to treatment”

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That’s what the CAT scan report states describing the changes in the lesions on the liver: “These likely represent a dramatic response to treatment.”  The report has three points, all positive in their impressions.  It does appear the liver has undergone some necrosis (death of bodily tissue) that has resulted along with the death of the [...]

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