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Tueller Family

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The Tueller Family
Every now and then, you are blessed to meet a family so extraordinary you want the world to know them, too. It is that way with Laurie and Steve Tueller and their seven children.

Jim, Lisa, Melissa & Steve

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When I came to Hawaii for continued healing and restoration, I had no idea the healing would include learning how to receive. Jim, Lisa, Melissa and Steve, because of their selfless giving during this cancer experience, have encouraged me to be a gracious receiver.  Actually, the challenge was not so much in the receiving but [...]


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We opened our hearts to Chimwemwe Piyasi in August 2009. She is a child at the Transhaven Schools Projects in the Zomba District of Malawi, Africa attending Transhaven Chilunga Primary School (TCPS). Transhaven Schools Projects is a non-profit organization helping the young people of Malawi seeking to escape poverty through education. It was founded by [...]

Alexander Rapp

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My son is my greatest teacher. Life is a mirror. It reflects back to you what is inside of you. A child is the clearest, most direct and immediate reflection I have ever known. And your own child came into your life specifically to further your spiritual development so there are times when the reflection [...]

Rev. Sky St. John

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On his business card is the title of Senior Minister, Unity Church of Hawaii.  Other past professions that are omitted are public school teacher, successful entertainer, registered nurse, business owner and Unity Village staff member to name a few.  That’s what he does.  Who he is can best be described as The Law of Love [...]