Sunday, April 22, 2018


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Prayed during chemo treatment yesterday    STOP     No side effects today    STOP      Forgot to pray about steroid side effects      STOP       Didn’t sleep one wink last night      STOP       Think I’ll paint the exterior of our building this afternoon    STOP

It’s ALL Good! It’s ALL God!

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It’s Chemo #2.  And in this corner, the returning champion, Patricia Rapp. Oncology is behind and it’s only 10:30 am.  And this is Hawaii, so that means relax.  We’ll get you in; we just have no idea when.  Living here means you adjust your inner clock to Hawaii time and that is a good thing. [...]

Side effects I know and love

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I am irritable, bitchy and cranky. I vaguely remember this part from the first time during chemotherapy. Anger lies just beneath the surface and rears its ugly head at a moment’s notice…or should I say no notice.  This is the only side effect from chemotherapy I am experiencing. It’s a nasty one, though, escalating in [...]

I am bigger than this

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When I heard the doctor tell me he recommended more chemo, my first feeling was disbelief. There was disappointment. There was anger. There was concern about Alexander. There was concern about us being in new surroundings through this, away from family and long time friends. Yet, I noticed something else present that was never there before.