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Dark nights and Haagen Daz

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Last Thursday I had treatment and I was in a good place.  I blogged about it.  That lasted about 24 hours  Only now can I write about last weekend. It was too murky and terrible and yucky to write or talk while I was in it.  I just needed to “be” in it. It was [...]

What are you doing tomorrow?

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Tomorrow I have an unexpected appointment with my oncologist.  What was expected was an appointment on March 23.  After returning from my trip last week, I had some pain in my left hip.  By this past weekend it had intensified and last night the pain was excruciating and barely manageable.  This pain has been in [...]


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“Remember, most of the things you think you need are ego trips designed to bolster your image and your perception of security…. You’ll waste a lot of energy satisfying your ego only to find that, as soon as it’s got what it wants, it ignores all your efforts and promptly nails another list of demands [...]