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Read the fine print

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In the blog titled “Things are warming up”, I wrote briefly about a fever that first appeared on June 11 and the diagnostic tests showed no cause.  It left yesterday because this patient would not give up on sourcing the cause.  I prayed to be shown somehow what was seeding the fever.  On Monday June [...]

An unforgettable and forgettable birthday

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As birthdays come and go, this 54th celebration last Friday will certainly be an unforgettable and forgettable one. This is the unforgettable part.  A few of my nearest and dearest amazing, giving friends gathered Friday morning for brunch at my favorite Hau Tree Lanai Restaurant.   When you choose to celebrate life go to the [...]


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If you are going to pursue alternative cancer treatment, what must you have?  Cancer, you say.  Right you are.   Starting to get the picture? Here I am praying and talking with God about my expected miracle, my radiant health and the alternative treatments I am going to do once I stop chemo.  I still [...]

When a shave and a haircut are the same thing

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Tonight I went to dinner at the Kahuku Grill with Laurie and Beth sans hat or wig.  Going to dinner the day after chemo? Priceless.  Prior to dinner Laurie used her clippers to give me a shave and a haircut, which for me are the same thing.  It was time to see what this scalp [...]

Praise the good and pass the mustard

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From the moment  I made the decision two days ago to reframe this experience and find the good and praise it every day, the Universe has stepped in to make it oh-so-much easier and take it to higher levels.  Feeling poorly was making it tougher to stay floating in hope and trust and I knew [...]

Twas the night before treatment…

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Yesterday and today are considered good days, in comparison to the weekend after last Thursday’s treatment.  The flu-like symptoms stayed with me through the weekend and began to subside on Monday.  My energy level isn’t up to taking walks yet, however, I was able to do some stretching and drive to the clinic yesterday for [...]

Tueller Family

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The Tueller Family
Every now and then, you are blessed to meet a family so extraordinary you want the world to know them, too. It is that way with Laurie and Steve Tueller and their seven children.