Saturday, April 21, 2018


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My mother departed for home in Iowa yesterday.  She wanted to go and she wanted to stay.  I wanted her to go and I wanted her to stay!  Three people in 500 square feet.  We did extremely well, however, Alexander was ready to move from the sofa and I was ready for nurturing solitude. While [...]

We own the road

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My mother and I are headed home from treatment #4. Mom is driving like we are in New York. I want to cover the license plate. She is more controversial than chemo! I told her I did not come this far to be taken out by my mother with too much zip on a meandering [...]

A Mother’s Love

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My mother laid aside her terrifying fear of water to cross the ocean to be with me. That means we are not participating in water sports or taking the submarine ride during her visit! She’s content to keep her feet on solid ground. I’m discovering little things about her: she likes staying in bed and [...]

Ready or not…

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The website is ready. Am I? It feels scary and vulnerable to be so open. And exactly what is required. My Chief and Only Technical Officer for my website is Steve Okino. He has blended talent, creativity, expertise, wisdom, knowledge and experience to capture my desires and bring them to fruition. He is patient, steadfast, [...]