Saturday, March 17, 2018

Are we having FUN yet?

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While I don’t feel like writing much, I do want to check in with you…and thank you with a grateful heart for your emails and calls and intentions for me.  You can never know, because I cannot express, how soothing, comforting and touching it is to hear your words of encouragement and love.  Just to [...]

Fly United

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Last night, I took a deep breath, clicked the button and purchased a one way ticket on United to Omaha departing Honolulu Wednesday June 9 and arriving Omaha June 10.  Just in time for the summer humidity.  A friend asked me if I have any regrets.  No, none.  Bittersweet tears?  Yes, daily.  I’m already planning [...]

There’s no place like home

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When suddenly the unexpected happens, Patricia, it’s always me… just getting everything ready for the time of your life. Love you, mean it – 
    The Universe When God led me to move to Hawaii in June 2008, it had the qualities of a miracle:  An extraordinary event in the physical world that surpasses all known [...]